Leadership Development and Coaching

Leader Development
Our core belief is that character is foundational to your ability to lead. Combine this with competence, effective communication, persistence and action, and you enable personal leadership every organization requires. Our team of C-Level resources are proven leaders in their fields and can provide valuable advice and guidance from proven experience.

5GS will provide you with the services and expert resources to enable you to:

  • Build and cultivate a leadership pipeline
  • Ensure clear vision, mission while enabling freedom of action for subordinates
  • Build leadership competencies for a volatile and complex world
  • Establish trust which is the true cornerstone of Leadership
  • Simplify communications to build credibility, promote culture and increase trust

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching aims to support leaders in aligning their actions with results. Coaching is a purposeful and confidential partnership that addresses specific leadership competencies designed to move you the client on a path towards greater satisfaction in the workplace with defined milestones. Many clients are looking to transition from one position of responsibility to another (mostly manager to executive leadership), navigate challenges with coworkers, and exercise greater influence in the workplace.  What would your life be like if you had an ally who believed that you are naturally creative, resourceful, and who asked you powerful questions that helped you to unlock your full potential to achieve these goals? That’s what Executive Coaching by a professional coach is all about.

  • Bringing out the best in people and teams; identify potential
  • Improve leader productivity and performance
  • Develop leadership skills (Ethics-based)

Typical Engagement

  • Interview-based 360 with in person feedback session
  • Goal Setting
  • Bi-weekly meetings
  • On call support
  • Observation of client in actual business settings
  • Mid point check, with adjustments where necessary
  • Close out session with client and their manager

Why an Executive Coach?

Executives need to balance multiple competing demands and stay competitive. They must act tactically and think strategically. An experienced coach partners with the client in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.