Exit Strategy, M&A and Finance.

Most business leaders and entrepreneurs think about starting a business to provide critical services solutions or to deliver quality products that they have a passion for.  These leaders are passionate about their business.  As such their focus is on: seeking customers in needs of their offerings, writing proposals to win contracts, hiring people to execute or building the back office to support these contracts and their dreams.  What they don't do is give thought to the ultimate objective of the business! When they seek other passions in their lives, what is the exist strategy for them or the business? This question must be addressed at the beginning of this journey.  If not, how do you know that you have built the right platform for success; however you have defined it! 5GS will help with your exit planning by helping you address the following:

  • When or based on what do you want to exit the company and what type of exit or sale do you want
  • Financial health of the company and changes necessary to support your exit plan
  • Organization, key personnel and their incentives to support your growth and exit plan
  • Contracts, contract management, backlog of contracts, types of contracts and re-compete status
  • Investment requirements, where necessary
  • Tax planning - Selling or leaving your company can have serious tax implications if not planned correctly
  • Other critical items